Share Your Story

Ericsson has a strong history of innovation and a long-term focus on driving innovation for the benefit of the industry and society. As part of this vision, Ericsson has initiated programs like Ericsson Innovation Awards, and Networked India, to provide impetus to leading innovators in India. Both the events were tremendously successful, where hundreds of innovators were given a chance to submit their enterprising ideas and get recognized.

To continue the spirit of innovation, Ericsson has initiated the ‘Share Your Story’ platform. If you are an innovator with a groundbreaking idea that has the potential to change lives, we would like to give you a platform to share your idea with others.

Share your inspiring story on how you are using mobility and connectivity to make a positive change in the community thereby enabling a Networked India. Fill in the details below and unlock the true potential of your ideas by reaching out to more change makers like yourself!